Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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"There's a certain emptiness to Blogspot, which is present also in the layout of Portalen Portalen. It's standardized, clean, with a consistent format of three images/videos per post, from an artist or an exhibition. The lack of interactivity on Blogspot, and the simple layout makes it sort of like a blog version of the white cube. While Instagram might feel like an exhibition opening – lots of people chatting, no one really interested in the artwork – Portalen Portalen feels more like entering a gallery on an off-day. You're the only one inside, there's possibly a press-release, but you don't really read that. So it's just you, the name of the artist, gallery and exhibition, the white walls and the artwork."
Back in April, I held a lecture about my blogging practice for the Lewis & Clark Art Week in Portland, Oregon, US. The lecture is available in .pdf-format from here.

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