Monday, July 18, 2011

Theodore Darst is an ongoing series of videos that attempt to engage site specific sculpture through digital media. Each structure was drawn the day I shot its environment, followed by modeling and rendering each one in Maya software.  Forms were inspired by chemical compounds, gang tags, failed geometric sketches, as well as the space present within the landscape.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jesse Highman

Illuvium Symphony from Jesse Higman on Vimeo.

Jesse Highman 4 I want you magazine

Artie Vierkant

"Today the work of art lies equally in the version of the object one would encounter at a gallery or museum, the images and other representations disseminated through the Internet and print publications, bootleg images of the object or its representations, and variations on any of these as edited and recontextualized by any other author. Image Objects is part of an ongoing thread in my practice examining our relationship to images in a vastly networked society. I am interested in employing this plasticity and the sheer amount of potential venues for image dissemination as aesthetic strategies within my work. Image Objects will begin as a set of works which exist ontologically somewhere between physical sculptures and augmented documentation images. The initial series will comprise somewhere between 12 and 15 large format digital prints mounted to MDF. Each piece of cut MDF will be matched with a print conforming to the same shape, adding a "layer" or "skin" over the physical substrate to create a unified object. This will be procedurally and aesthetically similar to an earlier work, RGB Icon. However, each time the pieces are documented officially (i.e., by myself or by a gallery), any released documentation will be edited first to create a new form which does not accurately represent the physical sculpture."

Artie Vierkant's Image Objects. Description via Rhizome Commisions