Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Jogging: Re-Mixology

Croc-cure, 2012
Half of a Coconut with Tequila-Infused Synthetic Crocodile Semen on the Rim
Fill with Tap Water
6-8 Sunflower Seeds (with Shells)

Earth Lovers Drink Responsively, 2012
Pure rain water, collected in the serving glass - as much as Mother Nature wants to give
4 oz The Body Shop Earth Lovers Cucumber & Mint shower gel
Organic cucumber slices
Organic mint, rooting in the glass - allow at least a couple of weeks before drinking, and plant somewhere afterwards
2 oz Square One organic vodka
 Orange Redux, 2012 Make a Simple Syrup from:
Equal Parts Water and Sugar, Peel and Segments of one Orange, quarter part Vanilla Extract (Depending on Desire)

Combine in a glass over ice:
1.5 Shots White Rum
1.5 Shots Syrup
Juice of one Orange
Drop of Vanilla
Finish off with Seltzer and Garnish with Syrup Orange Twist and Tennis Ball Rind

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