Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anne de Vries

"The sculpted totem poles of 'Trance Tracks' are made from a mixture of sand and an epoxy clay that has been marked by the tread of various sneakers. The imprints forged by ergonomic footwear, designed to augment the body, remain as traces forming future terrains. In their profusion the individual prints join and become a pattern across a mutable landscape - as if a multitude of solitary runners meet one another in a collective space, traversing the poles in a direct attempt at transcendence. One reference might be Brancusi's monumental Infinite Column, built as a WW1 memorial for those who died defending the Romanian city of Targu-Jiu, was created as a means of symbolic ascension to heaven. Through these similar gestures we are presented with different notions of what enhanced realities could be."

'Katanga Bub': "The extreme ends of the mobile device industry are brought together in 'Katanga Bub'. It is based on a press image depicting the landscape and workers of Katanga, in The Democratic Republic of Congo - an area mined for many minerals like tungsten and coltan, which have been crucial for the manufacture of mobile devices.

Anne de Vries

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