Friday, April 8, 2011

Everyone has Google Skills

Google Skills is an attempt at turning surfing into form. From the start we have been trying to break down the barrier between watching and creating. This is an invitation to join us in doing this.

From now on this blog will be less about the skills of the creators of the project, and more about how you decide to use it. For every post made by someone behind GS, there will be at least one post submitted by someone who was formerly a viewer/follower of GS.

This could lead to an extreme increase of posting. But it could just as easily turn Google skills into a dead project. With this risk in mind we still feel that our existence should be decided by the people who have been our crowd.

Much like the search engine we leach on, we are nothing without our users. And much like Google we will continue to lead the project in our idea of what it should be. This does not mean that we will claim ownership of other people’s work. On the contrary, by opening up the project like this, it becomes possible for anyone to say that they are the person behind posts on GS.

We realize how the blog system works and know that a text of any length will not be read by most of our followers, since they are preoccupied with the full-time occupation of self-design and self-branding. With this in mind we have decided to put in a loophole for ourselves: we are going to repost the call for submissions every month, no matter how many contributions we receive. And since the language of the web is predominantly visual it will be accompanied by a work from some of the people who started GS.

You can contribute on, or by sending an email to

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